Friday, March 16, 2007


Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. All I had to do was release all the air from the filter unit by opening the valve on the pressure gauge on the top. Then undo all 8 of those clamps round the middle, lift the top off, lift out the two, huge, soaking wet, manky filters and the one small, but still manky filter. There's a drain underneath the filter pump, but I couldn't open it. I'm not sure it's ever been opened.

Instead I removed the tap on the front. Actually the whole white thing there came out. That drained the pump most of the way. The tap itself was totally bunged up with crap, so I disassembled it a little bit and cleaned it out. Then I hosed down the filters to clean them up a bit and reassembled the whole thing. I had to run the filter with the air valve open until water shot out, then I closed it and turned the tap on. Success! The water came pouring out. So I hooked the hose up.

Following my brothers sage advice I decided to continue dumping pool water in the lawn, so I ran the hose across to the back lawn and will dump it there until the lawn is saturated, then move the hose to the front if I have to.

See? Good stream. Nice flow. Very happy.

This was the pipe I thought might be for dumping water down. I filled it up with water from a bucket and it didn't go anywhere. Though a lot of crap floated to the top. I thought it might be clogged, so I poked a big stick down it. The stick wasn't big enough. It floated back up. So I poked my big stick with another littler stick and hit something that felt like dirt. My big stick floated back up, so I jammed it down with some force at which point it got stuck in whatever crap was down there. Damn. I'm not sure what I can do about it at this stage. I'm not particularly attached to the big stick and I can't see how it's going to be a problem, so I guess I'll leave it there for now. My back's killing me, those filters really were quite heavy, so I'm off to eat leftover pizza and maybe treat myself to a beer.
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Jen said...

Just remember when you get on the FTSO tomorrow that you've had pizza and beer = bloatation. So don't freak.

Jen said...

Alex & Fi: Oh. My. God! The niece! She awesomely totally utterly A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Completely has "the Morrison" in her. I don't know Christine or her boyfriend, but that is one cute kid!

I have to explain myself as to why I am responding to your blog on Ian's. It's b/c I cannot, for some insane reason, leave a comment to you 2 or even to Vikki and Iain on their MSN blog either. I don't know why? ? ? It's been like this for about a month. I can log in but not leave a message. . . It's friggin' annoying if you ask me. But I'm pretty sure that Ian/Nikki won't mind about me bragging about their neice (too) on his site.

Ian said...

Don't worry, I stepped on the FTSO this morning and, even with pizza and beer last night, my weight is almost exactly where it's been for the last 2 months or so. I either need to more exercise or drink less beer.

Ian said...

Yeah, MSN sometimes refuses to let me leave a comment too. Especially through Firefox. I can usually do it through Internet Explorer, which I did today, but since you're a Mac, that's probably not an option.

Jen said...

No - I've tried Mac and PC. Neither work, but then again, I am going straight thru Firefox. Never thought to use IE. . . .


Alex said...

Yeah MSN is really starting to tick me off, I couldn't even log in recently on either of my XP machines so I booted into Windows 2000 I've got set up on dual boot and it worked! Weird. I know they've upgraded it recently and you can now upload video but it's still irritating. And yes Firefox is a no go. It's the only thing I still use IE for.

Jen, you're right Katie is lovely though is into absolutely everything, you know that way she's in the next room and everything goes quite and you go in there and she's enriching uranium to build a nuclear device or something!

Bruv, are you sure that 'pipe' isn't just a gate post? How far down below ground level did the stick go?

Ian said...

Pretty far, maybe a foot or two