Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Google's word verification thing is playing tricks with my head. Every time it pops up now I clearly type in the visual verification correctly, only to be told I got it wrong. Sometimes it takes three or four attempts.

That's bad enough, but now after I do successfully post a comment I get the comment box back with my original comment still in it and think I've failed the word verification. So I hit "Publish your comment" again, leaving my comment twice. If you've noticed a lot of "This post has been removed by the author" things on your blogger blog from me recently, that's why.


Jen said...

I thought all that was just me. I've been having the same issues with the word verification typing error too.

Ian said...

You're welcome. Aren't you glad you know someone as brave as me?

Jen said...

I'm more than priviledged. For sure.

Alex said...

It happens to me too, although Svdyhnki is a particularly potent Russian potato based drink

And why does Google insist on removing the capital from everyone's name. Grrrr!