Sunday, March 25, 2007

I Have The Power

I bought my iPod years ago. It's a 3G with 15GB and I use it pretty much every day. It doesn't really owe me anything, so over the last few months, as the battery life has diminished to less than an hour I figured that it is almost due for replacement anyway. I'd decided I'd buy myself a new one as soon as this one no longer lasted through my drive to work and back. It's almost at that point now. I can't change tracks too often on it without the battery dying within 30 minutes. Today I took a trip to Fry's Electronics on my brother's behalf (they wouldn't refund me for the memory, bruv, but they offered to replace it. I'll try and get your money back under the manufacturer's warranty instead) and decided to check out the iPods whilst I was there. My options were a 30GB or and 80GB, which since I've never really filled up my 15GB seemed like overkill, although with movies I reckon I could manage. Anyway, I also spotted replacement batteries for my existing one for $40, which measured against $350 for the 80GB seemed worth a try. Here's my iPod disassembled:

The battery is the black rectangle in the bottom right of the case. The cable wraps under a little piece of the circuit board and then plugs in. I had to remove the little screw to get the cable tucked back in neatly.

This is the hard drive, it's in a blue rubber case. It sits on top of the battery and circuit board, the copper ribbon has the connector that plugs in on the bottom left of the circuit board. The old battery is sitting next to it. It says "This battery does not contain mercury" so I think that means I can chuck it in the bin.

Phew, it came back up. I'll leave it charging overnight.



Jen said...

The lone screw stands alone with no home . . . until the II Reassemble. Ta Daaaa

Maybe you don't need it?

Ian said...

It's not terribly important, but I'll crack the case again tonight and screw it back in. Didn't want to interrupt the new battery charging last night.

alex said...

You've got to have a screw left over, it's a law. Think of it as improving on the original, it's now lighter.

I can't believe Fry's, not happy. Grateful if you could chase down the manufacturer.


Ian said...

Yeah, no bother. To be fair to Fry's it had been 3 months.

Alex said...

Yeah I know but it doesn't work, it never worked. Faulty goods.

Sale of Goods Act (or equivalent!).

I reckon the manufacturer will only repair or replace, in which case send the replacement back to me and I'll try and sell it here.