Friday, March 16, 2007


Calcium. Mum's love it. Pools, not so much. Ours has loads more than it should, that reduces the effects of all the other chemicals we put in. The woman at Leslie's pool supplies reckons the best thing to do is drain the pool all the way down and refill it. Leslie's take on the whole sewer versus drain thing is that I should do whatever is easier, she knows of no city ordinance one way or the other. I can probably rent a pump from home depot, but I may wait until later in the year when there's less water in the ground.

The pool is currently a chemical soup. I've added a calcium free shock, phosphate remover and something to make all the little bits of crap that keep passing through the filter clump together into big bits of crap. I'm still on target for swimming tomorrow.

Meanwhile - Here's Rasta Chicken!

Oh, and check out Thou Shalt Always Kill by dan le sac VS scroobius pip. It's going to be a big hit if I know my Indie Electronica Hip Hop. It's on My Space, so will play immediately upon loading, you have been warned if you're at work.


Alex said...

Having done a short course in water supply in drought areas I recall there is a chemical with neutralises calcium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach) I think it's called sodium thiosulphate, the net effect being one of reduced chlorine levels.

Prior to purification and sterilisation of the water we used to add a chemical (alum) which created a floc (correct spelling) from all the suspended solids making them fall to the bottom in a clump. Not much cop for swimming pools though as it's easily disturbed by movement though I suppose you could vacuum it out.

Having said all that you probably don't want to add more chemicals to your pool but there must be a way around emptying it.

I've started charging by the way.

Alex said...

Arrgh, the word verification thing did it to me again but this time I took a screengrab which I'm going to post on our blog. See if I'm really going mad (or blind)

Ian said...

Yeah, draining it probably isn't a bad idea anyway. It'll give me a chance to fix the lights for 10 minutes until they short out again. Usual fee (gin) plus expenses (tonic) I assume?

Jen said...

I like gin. I also like tonic. Furthermore, I like the rasta chicken. It's cute.

The link for dan le sac VS scroobius pip finally worked for me. I think I liked that too.

Alex said...

Mmmmh Rasta Chicken.... spicy!!

Yes gin will be fine, Tanqueray though, I'm expensive!

Ian said...

I knew that. Don't worry though, I still have half the gallon jug of Tanqueray you bought at CHristmas

Alex said...

Yes that was a family sized bottle of gin and I believe we barely made a dent in it... Travesty!

Ian said...

No-one is more surprised than me. I think it may even have survived Malc and Sandy's visit too.