Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Root of All Evil

The chicken thing totally worked.

We made 39 cents in advert revenue out of the chicken entry, compared to only 17 cents for the herb one, so that's it, more chickens* from now on. Presenting, Rasta Chicken:

*I think I've pretty much run out of chicken pictures from the rodeo** and I don't think pictures of precooked chickens is going to do it, so there may not, in fact, be more chickens from now on.

** Now that I think about it, there may be more pictures on the other camera. I'll check later. I recall taking a beauty of Rasta Chicken, but it's not on my cell phone, so there may, in fact, be more chickens from now on.


Jen said...

So, I get almost 90% of the cut, 'cos I did all the work?

I'll be expecting that $$$ in the mail by the beginning of next week.

Thank you.

Ian said...

Nuh-uh. My content inspired my users to click on my ads.

Anyway, it ain't $$$, it's more like ccc.

Jen said...

Mr. Trump. You're fired.

Golden Rule of kindergarten - SHARE. And, once again, may I point out, that I. DID. ALL. THE. WORK.

It's only fair and just that you shall give me my take. I could use that .03333-cents.

Ian said...

What? You clicked on a link! A link that I spent hours designing. You think that the colour scheme and placement are random? You think that the text around the adverts, having the same cool casual tone as the rest of the blog, was easy to come up with. Once again I say unto you. Nuh-uh.

Jen said...

All I'm hearing is blah, blah, blah. . . the typewriter keys are moving, but I see no action. . . .

Show me the money, homie!


Hey, my word verification below is "pukrz". Pukers! That's funny.

Ian said...

Hmm. Let's see if I can help you understand. You watch TV. On this TV they show these things called "commercials". Every now and then, in between the commercials, they have "entertainment". The "entertainment" is paid for by the people who pay for these "advertisements". They justify this expenditure by hoping that their "advertisements" may induce you to buy the "product" that they "advertise". You don't get to call NBC and say "I watched 'Law and Order', you owe me $20".

You don't create the "entertainment", so you don't get the money that the "advertisers" pay for their "commercials". You do, however, get informed about exciting new "products". Every click on one of my adverts is its own reward to you. Click away. Click away.

Jen said...

Nice argument, but this is entirely different. I KNOW you. I don't know NBC exec's. And, I DIRECTLY and intentionally helped you.

Now, for that .03333-cents. . . .

Share the wealth, man! Pay up.

****Or you know, I'll settle for a beer the next time we all get together. It all evens out in the end. Right?