Friday, March 9, 2007

Oooh, pretty.

Blogger's got all this cool new template stuff that I want to start using, but I've heavily customized the HTML on this blog, so I think most of it will break if we upgrade.

I've set up a sandbox over here for me to play with it and see what happens. Snagged my own name for the URL too, that was cool. Let me know what you think, here, not there, 'cos I'm not checking there.


Jen said...

"Chattering Fools"?

Chatteringfools! Hmmpf. Whatever.

And what the hell does Link 1 and Link 2 mean in your links to our blogs? You lost me. . .

It's a cool site - sorta still looks like this one, if that's what you're going for. Though it does look a bit cleaner, eh? I like it.

Ian said...

I like the fact it lets me rename the comments. Although I could probably do it in the old one if I looked hard enough.

The loop 1 and loop 2 thing was just me trying to figure out where they generated the links. They do it in such a way that I can't put text before or after the link, which is a bummer.

It does look cleaner though, I'll admit that. I'll have to see what the boss thinks. Though I suspect the boss cares not.

Jen said...

Okay. It's making a bit more sense now. I thought you were saying my blog looks like crap. Nice.

I thought chattering fools was funny!

You know the boss better than I, but I suspect that she doesn't care as well. I don't either. Apparently, you and I are the only one's left reading each others blogs. So, if the boss doesn't care and I don't care, well, then . . . Switch!

Ian said...

I have other readers. They're just the silent type. Plus Alex and Fi are on holiday. Again. That hurts our comment counts.