Friday, April 13, 2007

They Said It Wouldn't Rain Today

Yesterday was beautiful. Blue skies, perfect temperature, lovely sunny day. I woke up early today and dragged all the gardening stuff outside:

Just as it started to rain. So here's a herbs and veggies update instead.

The herb garden is doing well, apart from the rosemary, which I managed to trim before the rain came down and the basil, which is dead.

There may or may not be a shoot sticking up from a bulb of garlic Nikki planted:

It seems like the right area. I'll keep an eye on it.

The tomato plant is doing great, despite being surrounded by weeds which may live another week if the rain doesn't stop. It's the big bushy plant on the left of the picture below. No tomatoes yet. I think they need another month.

The yellow pepper plant on the right above looks kind of yellow. I don't know if this is expected behaviour, I suspect not.

The cayenne pepper plant on the right looks good, but something may have been chomping on its leaves. We're still organic so far, so until something starts attacking the veggies themselves I'm not taking any drastic action. I don't recall planting all the stuff in the middle of the two. Was it there before Nikki? I may have to trim it down a bit I think, it looks kind of messy.


Nikki said...

The green skinny leaf plant was there, but it looks like weeds have grown in around it.

Ian said...

I think there's two green skinny leaf plants now as well though. I may try to move one of them.