Sunday, April 29, 2007


After 22 hours of travel and my first crossing of the international date line, I arrived safely in Singapore just before noon on Saturday. Changi airport played a cruel trick on me upon arrival. I cleared immigration quickly and made my way into the baggage reclaim hall, where I could see Nikki on the other side of the floor to ceiling glass wall and we could almost touch hands maximum security prison style. This was mildly amusing at first but became increasingly more agonising as my bags took 30 minutes to appear before I could deliver a proper hug and kiss.

Singapore itself has been great so far. The food has been great everywhere we've gone, the weather is good and there are lots of beautiful old buildings tucked in amongst the beautiful new buildings. It's a lovely city.

I've taken a bunch of pictures already and if Nikki remembers to bring the card reader home from work I'll post some of them soon.


Jen said...

Have FUN! But not too much. Must stay out of Thai jails.

Big shout out of a hello to Nikki too!

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it safe & sound,give my love to Nikki too
Take care
love to you both
Ps the word today is
ohoirhr,which is gaelic for what I was saying after being in the garden all day & not sunbathing

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it safe....Awaiting the pictures......

Ian said...

I always wondered how you spelt ohoirhr, I've heard you say it enough times.