Monday, April 23, 2007

New Rules of Dating

Had a couple of beers with friends last night, including one who I believe to be one of the final members of the increasingly endangered species known as my single friends. The discussion turned, inevitably, to his recent dating experiences and encounters. As a result of the discussion we have come up with two new rules that single people need to follow:

1) Thou shalt not date anyone younger than half your age plus 7. For example, if you're 34, she has to be at least 17+7=24.

2) Guys shall not be expected to wait more than 5 minutes for each point a girl scores on the standard 1-10 hotness scale. If you're a 7, you can be 35 minutes late. If he leaves after that point, it's your fault. If he leaves before that point, it's his fault.


Jen said...

Does this mean we are old? Think about this. . . Hardly any of us are single anymore. Most all of us are married.

Side thought: I saw Bill Cosby on Letterman a few weeks back and he is 70(!)-years-old! ! ! 70! I always think of him in terms of The Cosby Show and Fat Albert. To see him at 70 (while he looked good) it made me realize I won't be in my 30's forever.

I think maybe it's me who's feeling old. . . .

Ian said...

Hasn't Cosby always been old? I've always thought of him as old, but then I only moved here 9 years ago and have never seen Fat Albert, though we did get The Cosby Show back home, so perhaps he's just always been old to me.

alex said...

Wasn't the Cosby show awfully rubbish?