Friday, April 13, 2007

It's Still Raining.

But I'm more than capable of entertaining myself.

Look! A ghost!

E.T. thinks his shiny finger is cool. Pah! Total amateur, bet he can't do this:



OK. I'm going to go out and do something before my craziness deepens.


Jen said...

What is with this weather lately? ? ? Massive storms rolled through early in the evening last night and now it's absolutely freezing again up here (47-degree F/7-degree C)! Whaa-uh . . . ?

Get any gardening done yesterday? I've still got loads upon loads to do! I think we'll have to skip the veggie and herb garden till next year. The front is still not completed! (more bushes to plant) and the viney plant, hanging planters, as well as the back flower gardens need to be done. I've fertilized and weed killed the lawn, but I still have to grub kill. . . BTW ~ grubs are totally disgusting.

It's never-ending! I envy you 2 getting things done!

***On a side note: your mom and Angela look great in their pictures on Alex's and Fi's site! It looks as if they had fun, but then again, who wouldn't with those 2 Morrison's? ! I hope to meet the both of them someday as well as your other sister. [***I still can't comment on MSN web sites with Firefox and IE7 takes forevah to load on my CPU!]

P.S. loved the ET'ish-like "light heart" for Nikki!

Ian said...

You can plant veggies later in the year. I don't know about up in frozen north Texas but here in Houston I think I can plant as late as August. Tomatoes and peppers are about 90 days.

The light heart was the most I could manage with the slowest shutter speed on my camera. I think I need a new camera, right Nikki?