Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Well, my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.

My weight (after dinner and fully clothed): 210.2lbs
My weight (after dinner, fully clothed and holding my packed suitcase): 249lbs
Difference: 38.8lbs
In kilograms: 17.6kg

Continental Baggage Limit: 23kg
Singapore Airlines Baggage Limit: 20kg
---To / From the USA: 32kg
The budget airline we're taking to Bangkok's baggage limit: 15kg

Amount of stuff in my suitcase that is Nikki's: About one third
Things of mine I'm already thinking I'll have to throw away to reduce the weight and make more room for Nikki's stuff:
---Any books I finish before next Thursday
---Socks that I've already worn
---Underpants I've already worn
---Any 2 of the 6 favourite t-shirts I've brought with me
---1 of my 3 shirts
---My pajamas
---1 of my 3 pairs of shorts


Jen said...

You are a guy, you can get by with only one change of clothes.

P.S. Don't take any statues or bags from strangers. I hear that can lead you into some deep trouble.

Have a blast!

Ian said...

But this teddy bear a stranger asked me to carry to his baby sister is okay, right?

Jen said...

Trust no one. . .

Alex said...

I always imagined the puzzled look on the various maids faces at hotels all around Australia when they pulled stuff out that I'd ditched just to get back under my baggage limit. I was still way over when we checked in. The check in lady never batted an eyelid leading me to curse the fact that I'd left my favourite pair of jungle boots in the Four Seasons in Sydney!

Ian said...

Well, your problem is that you went on a holiday for which you needed jungle boots. My holiday requires only flip-flops.

alex said...

My holidays aren't quite that gnarly. It was the work I had to do prior to the holiday that necessitated said footwear.