Thursday, August 7, 2008

This Is A Test

If this were the real thing you'd be seeing a photo of a baby. Meanwhile, here's a photo of the huge room they've moved us into:

The wi-fi still works. Nikki's watching soaps on the telly...they might never get us out of here.


Anonymous said...

Looks very cosy indeed but I'd advise you to get her out of that cosy bed & walking the floor or she might decide to stay another week doing nothing while we're all worrying about her
Seriously Nikki I hope you don't have long to wait
Angela told me to tell you she can't wait to see her niece or nephew
Love you
Mam & Angy

Vikki said...

What an amazing room! Makes my room in AMH look like a stable indeed ;-) I agree with Janet, Nikki needs to be walking around if she can. Gravity does help. That and more prostaglandin. Hope to see three of you soon,
V xxx

Laura said...

was just about to say, walking about is good if Nikki can do that..

Looking at that room - I knew we should have had Rhys in Houston after all!!!

V. excited for you! Lxx

Ian said...

She's not allowed to walk around because of poxamoxoloxatoxalin or whatever it's called.

Ian said...

Nikki says it's Pitocin. I think mine is more accurate though.

Fi said...

Whilst it's great to have updates....PLEASE don't photograph and blog the whole birthing process...I'm pretty sure Nikki will not thank you and frankly neither will we!! Though it may be good humiliation material at the kid's 18th birthday....!!!!

Anonymous said...

First visit to your 'blog' as the suspense is too much, so nice to know what is happening...or not it seems!! Love to you from Hobbs holidaying in Canada!! (Sam, Stu, Maddy & Jack) xxxx

Chouch said...

I wonder if it is on twitter too... :-)
Good luck guys!

Katherine Hayward said...

Good luck Nikki! Nearly there now!
Katherine xxx.

Lizzie Stephenson said...

just your typical NHS labour room then.

When you leave you should take the sofa home, there's always a lot of confusion as you leave, and it'd be great in a game room. ;-)

Good luck Nikki (and Ian). We are thinking of you.

Nikki I had pitocin too. For both births. Always fun. But better than a neverending labour. Husbands tend to get a bit bored when it goes on (while we labour). Burke slept a lot the second time but for the first he played with all the "funny" things he could find in the room and kept putting my bed in "amusing" positions.

Still I do think it's much more civilised in the US when you're hubby can stay over. When I had Emily, Burke had been up 40 hours and they made him drive half an hour home at 4am!?!?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both,I'm as proud as punch,just waiting for the photo of my lovely grandson to arrive now
Too excited to get back to sleep now
Lots of Love to you all & a big hug to Alisdair Murdo my lovely grandson,can't wait to see him