Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Alasdair

Okay, so we've been a little heavy on the photos of Alasdair around here the last few days, so here's something a little different...First up, spot the badge of honour under the VM of Nikki's favourite t-shirt (she really loves the increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a virtualised IT environment). Yes, that is what you think it is...

Next up, a frankly intimidating fruit, uh, arrangement, received from Nikki's work...the chocolate covered strawberries won't last long, then I reckon it'll be grapes, non-chocolate strawberries, pineapples and watermelon. The orange and green melon bits will probably rot.
Oh, okay...just the one of the little man...
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Jen said...

something so little could not possibly be smelly!

That fruit salad looks completely yummy.

I was going to guess baby vomit, but the placement is, shall I say, a bit too low. So, I'm just gonna leave it at that.

We have a 3-month old nursing baby here with us (arrived August 10th and will be leaving August 22), it's really super duper adorable until it's hungry. Hungry when mom's not here to supply food and no "pumped" bottle around. Nothing for it to eat. Then the wee leetol thing is a bit mad. My ears hurt for 4 hours afterwards. The dogs were very upset and all like, "make it stop." Which I couldn't. I don't have that power that Nikki and this mom does. . .

I'm just sayin'.

shanksi said...

I think the "What's that smell?" refers to the father, not the child.

That fruit thing looks great - it looks like there's some beer hiding behind it which makes it better.

Oh, and I kind of quite like VMware as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Shanks on the smell,Nikki you look fab & your wee man is gorgeous & no Ian we have'nt had nearly enough photo's yet
Love to all

Fi said...

Nikki! You look great...so smiley and not nearly as knackered as I thought you would :-)
So now you're actually doing the stuff in the books....looks like it suits you as if we expected anything less!
Well done you!
Much Love,
Oh...and...ermm....at the risk of sounding thick, I have no idea what VMware is so I'm off to investigate!

Anonymous said...

Big congrats to you both - he looks like a wee stunner!! Hope you are both doing well (Nikki and Alasdair that is!!)

Lots of love

Innes & Sus

Marcie said...

congrats, morrisons! (btw, ian, you look GREAT as a dad! nancy (y'remember her???) says congratulations, too!!!) your little one is just the spitting image of you!!!

-the eichmanns

Marcie said...

congrats, morrisons! (btw, ian, you look GREAT as a dad! nancy (y'remember her???) says congratulations, too!!!) your little one is just the spitting image of you!!!

-the eichmanns

Ian said...

Wow, it's been a busy couple of days, so sorry for the slovenly replies...

Jen: Leaving it at that is a good idea...but you called it.

Shanks: It's Shiner 99 too...awesome, sadly limited edition, German style lager from the usually Ale focused boys of Shiner, TX. Great summer beer.

Granny: Yeah...you're probably right, everything he does smells of roses at the moment.

Fi: She does, doesn't she? Sorry I couldn't respond in time to stop you looking up VMWare. You'll never get those precious moments back.

Innes and Susan: Thanks. I think. I feel like there's an insult aimed at me in there somewhere, but I'm too thick to figure it out.

Marcie: You're the first person who thinks he looks like me...thank you! Tell Nancy thanks too. Hope she's doing well.

Alex said...

I too am a fan of virtualised environments. Clearly young Ali is not! Can I call him Ali?

Ian said...

You can yes...or Al...I'm partial to Al at the moment. We'll see which one, if any, sticks, or indeed, if Nikki starts hitting us with sticks.