Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 2

I've been playing around with mirrorboard for a while, but never really had a use for it before. Basically it mirrors the right hand side of your keyboard to the left hand keys when you press the caps lock key. When holding a baby in one arm, this turns out to be very useful for quickly updating your blog...okay, you didn't come here to listen to me going all geeky...

What's that smell?
Is that Daddy?
It is Daddy!
Anyone would think he hasn't showered in days!

Vikki, the second one's about as good as I have right now. Will grab a close up of his hair when he gets back from being stuck with needles. Again. Poor kid.


Jen said...

This is fantastic! Alasdair is awesomely cute! He makes for a good blog subject. He never looks upset - such a good baby. Precious!

Keep them coming!

Ian said...

Will do.

Vikki, I meant of course that the 3rd one is as good as I have. Maybe I should drink less coffee.

Vikki said...

I'm just amazed you're managing to blog so much with a 2 day-old baby! Is Alasdair sleeping a lot? What colour of hair do you think he has? I was thinking about it cos there was an article in the Guardian about redheads and how rare they are getting.

Ian said...

He had been sleeping a lot. Now, not so much, he's a hungry little blighter. Nikki managed to zonk him out a few times last night though and took care of the 3am nappy change, so I got about 6 hours kip and she got about 4.

I think there's a touch of ginger in there, but it's mostly brown at the moment.

Anonymous said...

No pics tonight,he looks a bit ginger in one but I would put my money on a blondie,who cares he's lovely anyway.Granny loves him

Laura said...

ah, 6 hours sleep - you're doing well! I struggle to get that much now (mainly cause I stay up so late...)


Alex said...

Nah, I'm betting on ginger... with a name like Alasdair Murdo, yep ginger and into crofting... probably!

Ian said...

He's a Texan bruv, ginger and into Ranching!