Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big! Exciting! News!*

*There's no big exciting news yet.

Okay, that was unfair, but is kind of a slice of what waiting for this sprog to turn up feels like. Still nothing. Neither pineapple, raspberry tea, hot curry, sudden drops in pressure due to Tropical Storms nor other remedies (that some of you best not think about), can shift this kid. The doc has a plan though and he's swinging into action tomorrow evening, which means that, as Alex feared, the sprog is probably going to show up on his birthday. He may yet be saved from a lifetime of everyone in the family forgetting his birthday by labour spontaneously starting tonight or going long and giving us an 08/08/08 kid, but the 7th looks favourite. Sorry bruv. Have a good one on Thursday and I hope to speak to you at some point during the day.


shanksi said...

I read out the headline and Vikki jumped out of her seat. Hee hee hee.

Good luck tomorrow. Hope it all goes well. We can't wait to see some pics of Eduardo Alexander Morrison.

Jen said...

Oh man. I was SUPER excited for a 1/3 of a second and then I thought, "what! No phone call?! argh!" Of course, I mean, I know I'm not the first on your list and quite possibly the last one you may call or text, but still. . . .it's nice to hope.

I'm so happy for the both of you. The kid couldn't ask for 2 better people to be its parents. (sorry to call your kid an "it". I promise, once it is born on this here earth to never do it again.)

Best of luck with the birthing!

Ian said...

Hee hee hee.

I mean, sorry.

Laura said...

I hope you have an 08/08/08 baby, then you'll have to take baby to China!

Ian said...

Yeah, but I'm not sure Nikki would appreciate waiting that long.

Bruce Lenorf said...

Nikki, obviously you need to push harder. Now I am going for a vacation far away from any internet connection for a few days, which means the baby is going to be several days old by the time I see his/her face. The news won't be fresh any more. Maybe there will already be another more recent post on the cayenne pepper or the raspberries of your garden by that time... Anyway, good luck and talk to the 3 of you next time!

Alex said...

You never had me fooled, not for a second... okay maybe for a second but I don't think you'll be allowed near a computer for quite some time after Ed makes an appearance! Will try and call tomorrow.

Have you tried the cold key down the back thing? Or drinking upside down?

Fi said...

I know we ain't no experts hubbie dearest but I'm pre-ee-etty sure that's for hiccups!
I'm on Ma-In-Law text alert...good luck guys!
Thinking of you.