Friday, September 15, 2006

Test Drive

I was already frustrated with the limitations of MSN Spaces before they changed everything to Live(TM). Since that has slowed everything to a halt and they show no sign of sending someone down to the engine room to shovel in more coal any time soon I'm trying out new places. I may linger once I get the hang of this place, or it may not do anything for me and I'll be gone before you get a chance to get used to me.


Jennifer Luton said...

Whew-whoooo! first to blogment on your new page. Hmmm. . . . seems one still has to be a member to comment though. I like the word verification to keep spam away - I have that on my Mac account. Which also encompasses spell check and loads of other goodies. I like Mac, but I believe you have to be a member of iMac; this means if you don't own a Mac you have to pay even more $$$$. . . . and even if you do own a Mac you still pay loads of $$$$. . . . pick your choose or choose your pick.

Ahhhhh-ha! If I sign up as "other", then I don't have to be a member to blogment. I wonder about anonymous?

Bit of advice:
-Make sure the seats are comfy
-Make sure it gets good gas mileage
-Pick a great color
. . . .

Ian said...

Blimey, it didn't take you long to track me down. I like this one so far, it may be my new home. I've sent Nikki an invite to join my team, so if she can post too then we may be moving.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I like the look of Blogger and was considering it myself, but there's apparently already a shanksi user and it's not me and that's a little bit annoying since I wouldn't know what to call myself and might forget who I am. So anyway, I'm still not signed up and have decided to be Anonymous - can you tell who it is yet?