Tuesday, September 19, 2006

FTSO Update

This is the perfect time to put a FTSO update over here as there is no update. I was exactly 224 this morning, which is pretty much where I've been all week, barring a slight dip to 223.6 and a slightly larger beer and cheesecake bump on Saturday. So, I'm claiming it as my new starting weight and aiming for 210.

Concern has been expressed by both my wife and my mother that I'll be too scrawny at 15 stone, so I may eventually settle for something a bit higher but that's the goal for now.

It's going to be hard to budge off 224 as I worked pretty hard last week and didn't achieve it and I'm off to Tulsa tomorrow where I don't think I'll get much exercise in, but I know I'll eat heavy and probably have a couple of beers.

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