Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A picture for Jen

I realise this is not exactly showing you the results of my hard work in the gym, but I'd need really long arms to take a full length picture of myself with a camera phone.

However, you do get a sneak preview of the haircut I received this very lunchtime. My own wife hasn't even seen it yet.

You also get a nice shot of the beautiful day the world is taunting me with as I'm stuck in my office.That's the very posh St. Regis hotel across the road and downtown Houston in the distance. The sky is clear, the temperature is about 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celcius). In fact, I'm going home.


Jennifer Luton said...

Amazing! You look AMAZING! That's just plain awesome! . . . . H-town isn't too shabby either! Nice weather for this time of year for that southern city.

Pretty soon you'll have to take a shot of you holding up your old pantalones next to the new you!

Thanks for taking the pix! That was cool.

BTW ~ Is Nikki out of the country again?

Ian said...

Not yet she's not. She also has an exciting new haircut and a camera phone. However, she lacks the ability to transfer pictures off her phone, so don't expect a shot of her, I can exclusively reveal that it looks like:

Jen said...

What exactly did you do to Nikki? Ummm. . . . actually . . . . I should ask, what did you do to her hair? 'Cos I'm pretty sure, being a woman and all, one would not go into the stylist and ask for a "boxy-helmet" cut. Ever.

Alex said...

I hadn't realised you had switched or were thinking of switching. I like some aspects of it but feel it's a bit too basic. I like the integration with Picasa which is a great application. Fi reckons you've lost a bit of weight but I think we need the full picture. Get yer Speedo's on big man!

Ian said...

Well, it's not boxy, it's nicely shaped, but the limitations of the keyboard leave me with no way of representing the shape, so I tried to give you an indication of the length

Ian said...

Blogger's basic, but at least it's not as slow as MSN. I also have access to the HTML so in theory I can make it much less basic. I think I'll formally announce the switch soon.

Alex said...

I have to say, I'm not overly keen on Live Spaces TM either but I can't be @rsed to switch. By the way that's not the reason I haven't done an entry for so long, that's because I'm a lazy bugg3r!

Jen said...

I was wondering what happened to you and Fi? ? ? I was beginning to think we'd need to form a rescue party (don't worry, it would've been entirely ninja & stealth-like) to come get you 2 from the Turkish prison's dungeon.

They really must've taken you being in possession of such brochures completely seriously . . . .

It seems you are well and not imprisoned, so this is good news. I'll no longer hold secret Ninja meetings to get you out.