Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm Not Convinced

I'm quite impressed so far, but I'm not ready to switch just yet. I don't want to test drive any more sites until I've decided that this one is not for me and there are a couple of things that bother me:
  • Nikki misses the ability to create lists of what books we're reading, although I think I can do that with a bit of HTML since I can edit the template code directly. That's a cool feature that allows me to do anything I have the skills to code, or nick from someone else who has done all the hard work for me.
  • I switched AdSense on when I was playing around and now I can't figure out how to switch it off. I suppose it's better than the huge ad on the MSN page, plus, in theory I get paid for everyone who clicks on it, but I'd still rather be rid of it. I'm supposed to be able to move it to the sidebar, but I can't see the code in my HTML.
  • I have noticed that the page doesn't refresh very well. I have to hit F5 every time I make a change before I can see it, but maybe that's just me.
I'm still undecided, so I've added a poll to the sidebar, and you can help me out with my decision.


Iain said...

Despite it's problems, there are some really good features on MSN, or Live, or whatever it's called. The book list is particularly nice, and the sort of scrolling preview of the photo albums is quite smart as well. But it remains a pain in the a**e at other times - uploading pictures into the blog is so slow and you can only upload 1MB at a time which usually means resizing photos, then uploading them at which point the blog often reduces the size as well. I like the sound of template editing in blogger though. That sounds interesting - let me know how you get on. If you ask me, the jury is still out there as far as statying/going is concerned.

Ian said...

MSN also appears to be rather incompatible with Firefox since the upgrade. As it's my browser of choice at the moment that's pushing me away also.