Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some Pics

I've just dumped the pics off my phone. These first 3 were taken at about 7:30am on Saturday while the storm was dying down. I was still a bit nervous about standing in front of a big pane of glass looking out at the backyard, so this one was taken from near the indestructible safety of the ugly sofa: No bananas for us this year. The oleanders hiding the pool equipment got destroyed too and I've no idea where the tree hanging over the fence came from, but a huge branch was standing up out of the recycle bin at the back:
The guttering I spent a hot day putting up stood up pretty well, except for the bendy connector from here to the downspout, which was lying on the ground and is now back in place:
Finally, some photographic evidence that the little man was unperturbed by the whole thing. Sound asleep in Morven and Andy's spare room last night:
There are loads more pics on the other camera, I'll dump them later. For now I have to go repay my generous hosts by beating up their 5 year old son.


Vikki said...

Iain says "Watch out Thing's gonna get him!"

What's Morven and Andy's son called? Have you got photos? Haven't seen those two since 1996...

Fi said...

You've got some pool cleaning to do my friend. So relieved you're all okay.

It's called a swan-neck, get some perspective!

Alex & Fi (mostly Alex)

Ian said...

Morven and Andy's son is called Sean. I have a couple of photos of him and will shoot them to your e-mail when I get my computer back up.

Nope, I'm pretty sure it's definitely called a bendy connector.