Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random Pics

Someone's happy to be 7 weeks old today:

One good thing about Hurricanes: You get the swings to yourself. Morven and Andy's son Sean is on the right.

Another good thing about Hurricanes:
You discover that Alasdair's Baba Bing changing mat may just be his favourite place to lie down in the whole world.

One of the many, many terrible things about Hurricanes:
Traffic lights are out all over so the traffic is horrendous. These big tree trimming trucks were heading towards my neighbourhood but, sadly, drove on past.

We are still without power, but the street 3 roads to the south of us now has power, so I am hopeful about getting it sometime today.


Jen said...

Hurricanes are no bueno.

I'm wondering where the electricity gods have gone? ? ? I mean, I know they're busy and all, but they've can't have forgotten you. I don't think.

At least Alasdair doesn't seem to have any cares in the world. That's not a bad thing!

Ian said...

Kingfisher got power yesterday. Kingfisher is 3 blocks south. I've been trying not to get my hopes up, but it's not working and I'm going to be mildly crushed if we don't have power back today.

Vikki said...

I can't believe you are still without power!!! How are you coping? Are you still at Morven and Andy's? Alasdair is looking so cute. Getting bigger too. I got Magnus weighed yesterday and he was 18lbs 10oz. Four teeth and cutting some more.

Ian said...

No, we're at Mustafa and Salimah's now. We're wary of overstaying our welcome by camping in one place for too long. If our power's not back on tomorrow we're taking off for the weekend. Not sure where yet, but...somewhere else.

18lbs 10oz! Whoa. We haven't weighed Alasdair recently, but we have a doctor's appointment in the morning and hopefully they'll weigh him there.