Sunday, September 14, 2008

In the dark.

Still no power here. I saw one power company truck yesterday, but despite my encouraging salute he didn't stop and hook us up. The temperature is okay and because we have gas we've got the stove and the hot water boiler working. Being able to shower and have a cup of tea make this much easier. My mobile blogger thing still won't let me send pics. We have load of photos from the area and will post them as soon as we have power. I can't read the blog myself, but Jen assured me, through the magic of text, that my post yesterday made it. Our home phone is working fine, but my laptop doesn't have a modem. I'm sure everyone out there knows a lot more about the situation than we do, but if they're only showing you bad stuff then don't worry, our area is in good shape. Doesn't seem like anyone took any real damage.


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you're ok,I was getting a bit anxious when I had'nt heard,you don't seem to have come of as bad as other parts,keep safe & keep in touch if you can
Mam & Angela

shanksi said...

It's good to hear you're doing OK.

Fi said...

Glad to hear/read you're doing OK. I'll let your bruv know he can't access too often either.
Here's hoping your power's back on soon.

Jen said...

I'm glad all of you are safe and came out on the good end of things. All things considered, losing power is just a pain, but nothing compared to what could have been.

We'll talk tomorrow. You know the code to get in our house if we happen to be at work & you need to come further north b/c you still have no power. Though, I have nothing on my schedule as of 3:30 PM. . . .

You never have to ask, you're always welcome at anytime.

Katherine Hayward said...

Glad you guys are ok -oh the perils of the tropics! Hope you get some power on soon! Thinking of you from sunny (and windless) Australia
Katherine x.