Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Before and After

Up and down our street from the bottom of the driveway. It's hard to pick up the details on some of these pics, since I've resized them.

September 12, 2008. 1:32pm:
September 13, 2008. 10:49am: The little tree on our front lawn leans precariously. Two doors down, the entire front yard is now tree and across the road from them the top of a pine tree leans on a house.
September 12, 2008. 1:32pm
September 13, 2008. 10:49am: Trees stripped bare and the ground is covered in leaves. The street drains towards Cliffwood this way, so everyone got out early and cleared their gutters. At the top of the street the people in the corner houses lifted the drain covers off and removed tonnes of leaves in order to let the street drain.


Jen said...

The positive aspect is that you won't have as many leaves to clean up in the fall now. . . .

Actually, I'm just glad to know that you are okay even without power!

Alli said...

Still without power? We are still without. But thankfully we finally got our water back and we could all take showers! That was the best shower ever, even though it was luke warm. :) Hope you all are well!

Bruce Lenorf said...

You guys are lucky to have hot water. Maybe I need a hurricane too so they fix it here.

Ian said...

Yeah. Fall cleanup is going to be easy. There isn't a leaf left in the neighbourhood.

Still no power. We're one of the "extensive damage" zip codes so our timeline is "after Monday". Though who knows?

A hurricane in Siberia would be really rubbing it in, don't you think?