Monday, September 29, 2008

Rough life

His Lordship found the weekend accommodations spacious enough for his needs:
The swimming pool area was very relaxing:
Though attracting a passing waiter was not always easy:
The crib, however, proved very comfortable:
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Jen said...

And a home that's now in working order! You can't ask for much more.

Ian said...

Nope, you can't. Except maybe a slightly less green swimming pool.

Vikki said...

I hope you're not moaning about your swimming pool again... ;-)

Ian said...

Um, well, technically it's not a swimming pool at the moment. It is, almost literally, a cess pool. So, can I moan about it?

Fi said...

I reckon you can moan we had a storm in Cyprus and our pool had turned into a mud bath!
Of course it was a paddling pool in comparison to yours so we emptied it out and started again!

What about the beautiful toes?

Ian said...

I might be taking the empty it out and start again route myself.

The beautiful toes are beautiful, but I didn't get a picture before they were scuffed. Which took about 3.2 seconds.

Anonymous said...

How the other half lives eh,looked very comfortable indeed though I'd rather see more close up pics of the said lordship,glad you're all electric again
Speak to you soon

Ian said...

We have lots of close-ups we can post since Nikki had a hilarious time trying to take a passport photo yesterday. I shall upload the results when I get home.