Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What The World Eats

Time magazine has a great photo essay showing a week's worth of food for 15 different homes around the world.

It's interesting to compare the amount of fish the Japanese family consume compared to the others and there's a shocking amount of chocolate bars in the British family's picture. The family from Mexico have a massive amount of fruit and veg, but look at all those Coke bottles. Meanwhile in Mongolia they probably don't have to worry too much about getting enough protein in their diet.

I wish Time had bigger version of these pictures you could click on, but it's still fascinating.

Check it out.


Godiva Jen said...

Wow! That's an awesome photo journal!

Um. Though . . . I hope that the USA's photo's aren't completely representative of all - okay - wait. . . it seems mostly true of what US households eat in a week. That is sad. Thing is, is that isn't what we/I eat here. Not that I'm the most healthy, but geesh! And the Cokes! Holy-schamoly! I don't drink soda much at all if any, so that amazed me to see the number of sodas. [The husband; however, could drink that much Coke if I had it in the house.]

If you ever find fizzy sugar drinks in our home it's b/c we are expecting company. Or I'm going to mix it in with Scotch. . . . Ha! Had you going for a moment there, Ian. Had you going!

shanksi said...

Good photos. The Germans appear to have a healthy amount of beer and wine in theirs. I'd love to see a whole week of our food laid out like that - might be an eye-opener.

Ian said...

It's funny to see the same things, like Coke, Heinz tomato ketchup and Kellogg's Corn Flakes show up all over the place.

I did think it would be cool to lay out our food the same way, but it could be tricky to persuade the wife to agree.