Friday, June 1, 2007

Baseball! Again!

I know that pretty much everyone who reads this blog hates baseball. I know that. I do. I, on the other hand, love baseball. I don't want to bore my loyal readers with a sport they hate reading about, so instead I'm going to talk about something I know you all love: Sitting!

So last night I had the best seats I've ever had at a baseball game. The seats were not only comfortable and nicely equipped with a cup holder, but they were this far away from the action:
That's right. From my excellent seat I was less than 20 feet away from where the Astros players waited in what is known as the on-deck circle. For example, the picture above shows the view, from my seat, of Astros legend Craig Biggio warming up as Astros pitcher Woody Williams grounds out. The on-deck circle, despite it's name has no deck chairs, plus there's usually a bloke swinging a bat in it, so there's very little sitting potential. After grounding out Williams made his way to the dugout, which has more of a bench kind of arrangement and no arm-rests or cup holders, so my seats were better than most of the other options around. There are, as you can see, people in front of me, but there's a big gap in the safety net at their level, so these people are more like human shields for my seat than spectators with a better view.
My seat also afforded me a fantastic view of Astros Legend Craig Biggio's 2,975th career hit, pictured here. Biggio should get his 3000th hit sometime in early July. This is a major baseball milestone and has only been accomplished 26 times before. Its equivalent in the sitting world would be being able to keep the remote control and the most comfortable chair all the way through a 24 hour TV marathon of The Biggest Loser, it requires skill, determination, stamina, durability and a little bit of luck.

I really, really, wish I'd thought to bring a proper camera to give you a better view of how fantastic these seats really were. Maybe I could get one of those telephoto lenses for my camera phone.


shanksi said...

Since neither Vikki nor I hate baseball, that's a fairly large % of your loyal readership who don't. Personally, I think the worst thing about baseball is that they play it in the middle of the night so I rarely get to see games live.
Nice seat.
Shame about the low-res camera. The shot of Biggio's hit would probably have looked great with a decent camera. Is it possible to carry a large magnifying glass and use that as a sort of ad-hoc tele-lens?

Ian said...

Ah yes, I had forgotten you two were fans of the Boston Red Stockings.

I think, if I'm going to carry a large magnifying glass, I may just want to go ahead and carry a camera and not risk being mistaken for Sherlock Holmes and asked to solve a crime.

Godiva said...

I hate baseball. I find it boring. Besides, it's not a sport.

Ian said...

That's why my blog entry was about sitting! I know you love sitting.