Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fame! and other blog stuff

Thank you to Yesterday.sg for featuring my entry about The Battle Box. Very kind and very possibly the first time in history I have been quoted anywhere.

Plus, check out the number two result for weird shoulders on google.com. Many apologies to whoever followed that link here looking for answers. We only have more questions.

Oh, and I noticed a couple of people commenting on entries from days, even weeks ago. I may have, rudely, not noticed your comment at the time and inexcusably left you sitting, possibly even cursing, while waiting for a reply. This has now, I hope, been rectified, if I have still missed your comment, I deserve your curses all the more, but require your guidance as to my oversight.

Finally, in one of those statements that gets me into trouble, some time ago I mentioned that I have hundreds of pictures from Singapore and Thailand. They're coming, (so is Christmas (so is the upgrade to Blogger Layouts, so teasingly previewed some time ago)).


shanksi said...

Congratulations on reaching number 2 in the Google search for "Weird Shoulders".

I set up an email alert for people posting comments on my blog. It's in the settings somewhere. Not that I necessarily respond, but theoretically I don't miss anything.
I just wish you could get a feed for comments on other people's blogs.

Ian said...

Yeah, I could do that, but it might be a lot of e-mail. Seeing as how my blog is so popular

Godiva Jen said...

I finally got your links to work! Cool! Thomas really liked your Battle Box entry too, btw. Seriously, I hope to get there someday!

Alli said...

Yes, I want to see more S'pore pics. Yes, next time you 2 go, you definitely have to check out their zoo and/or the Night Safari.
http://www.zoo.com.sg/ If you ever head there to the main zoo, tell the guys in the reptile exhibits, Allison from the US says hello! (That's where I worked.) ;)

I am definitely looking forward to going back some day & taking the hubby. Jen, you & the husband definitely should go, too. You'd love it! Great food, shopping, history, culture & scenaries! A good intro to Asia fo' sho'!

Godiva Jen said...

Uh. Hello? ? ? Nikki. . . Ian . . . you two out there? ? ?