Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gin City

Vegas. It's a hard place to attend a conference. Last night was particularly difficult. I had to drink. A lot. Mostly for Professional reasons. Honestly, here's the list

1 beer - personal, I was waiting for Paul.
2 beers - professional. Chatting with Paul.
2 gin and tonics - professional. Vendor paid, trying to get me drunk so I'd buy stuff.
1 red wine with dinner - professional. Vendor bought me dinner at Stripsteak.
1 glass of port - professional. Same dinner.
2 beers - professional. Playing roulette with vendor. Relationship building. You know?
1 whisky - personal. To help me sleep
1 whisky - professional. Chatting with vendor at bar. He wanted to buy me another.

I had to get up and attend more sessions this morning. Life is hard.


Godiva Jen said...

Your liver must really, really love you right about now!

You didn't mention how many axes you have in the back of yer head either . . . .

word verification: garark (sound made when head is in toilet praying)

Ian said...

I woke up with about a 2 on the Luton Axe Scale. I managed to refrain from gararking and I'm doing fine now although the idea of another drink is particularly unappealing. I better get in shape though, one of my vendor's is taking me to Mamma Mia tonight and no doubt drink will be involved. I just hope I survive until Nikki shows up on Friday.

Iain Shanks (shanksi) said...

I'll forgive the stray apostrophe in "vendor's" seeing as you're obviously the worse for wear.
That's a decent amount of drink but I have to ask - if the vendor was paying, why only one glass of wine at dinner, and no aperitif?

Ian said...

Oof, yeah, that was a dodgy apostrophe. The gin and tonics were my aperitif. The second one was ordered for me while I was away from the table, so it lasted all the way through my starter.