Monday, June 25, 2007

Just Like Pamela Anderson

It was pool brushing time tonight. It must have rained all week while I was away, and though the pool looked okay when Nikki left to join me on Friday, it must have really rained all weekend, because it was manky when we got back. We get a fine layer of crap on the steps and seats and, when it's hot, algae will try to take over, so I brushed everything, emptied the baskets, threw in some phosphate killer and loads of chlorine. Run the filter for 12 hours and it will be ready for humans again. I went back inside.

I realised I'd forgotten to turn the outside light off. I went out the bedroom door and flipped the switch just in time to scare a little toad, who in his panic, leapt into the pool. Damn. He swam quickly to the other side. Probably a good tactic in a pond. Not so much in a pool, where the sides are 3 inches above the top of the water, all the way around. I rushed into action, collecting my shoes from the garage and running out to grab the net. The little toad gratefully climbed on and I soon deposited him safely on the patio, where, with a little encouragement he hopped past the door, so Nikki could see I hadn't gone mad, and off into the night.

Pamela does have one thing on me though (okay, two things, or would it be three, total?). She probably never locks herself out of her beach hut whilst charging off to save the day. Luckily Nikki was there to let me back in, otherwise I'd have had a fair amount of explaining to do after breaking into my own house.


Godiva Jen said...

While I think Pamela is a great mom, I still think you can take her in the brains department. She doesn't have the chance to lock herself out because I don't think lifeguard houses have locks. Or they didn't use to when I was growing up.

Plus, you're not a life sized plastic doll. She wasn't ugly before she did all the cosmetic surgery - sometimes just don't fix what ain't broke.

That's all I'm sayin'.

Ian said...

She looks better in a red swimsuit though. That's just not my colour at all.

Godiva Jen said...

But you have red hair. How could you not look good in a red swimsuit? That makes no sense. . . Pffft.

And, I am also glad you don't have fake babongos either.

Ian said...

Well, between red hair, a sunburned body and a red swimsuit, that would be a lot of red. You know?

Godiva Jen said...

lobster, anyone?