Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I bought a new computer a couple of weeks ago, it had a $50 mail in rebate, which I filled in at the weekend. Stamps went up here, again, at some point, from 39c to 41c but we had some that just said "First Class", with no price on them and Nikki had mailed some stuff with them, so I figured they were still okay. I stuck the receipt and the big chunk of cardboard with the proof of purchase in the envelope and sent it off yesterday.

Got home today and my envelope is in the mailbox "Returned for 2c additional postage." Okay, no problem, but the envelope seems kind of thin. And easily opened. My receipt and proof of purchase is gone, all that's left is the rebate form. Some bugger's nicked my $50!

There's no-one in at the post office's 24 hour manned theft hotline, so I'm venting here instead. I'll be on the blower to them first thing in the morning. Not a happy bunny at the moment.


Jen said...

Huh? It's 41-cents now? When the hell did that happen?

I'd say don't worry about the rebate getting to you, b/c you filled out the form which, obviously, has to have all your information. But(!) when did companies actually start reading and verifying that said info is true on said rebate form? So, you can't count on the rebate company either. Bummer.

Definitely write a follow-up. It's illegal to open & steal other people's mail. And most postal workers wouldn't dare do so as, believe it or not, the US Postal Service does have pretty stealth spy-ways to catch a thief. As well as severe punishments.

What a strange thing to nick. It's only 50-bucks, but it was your 50-bucks!

Ian said...

Well, you can turn in a rebate with just the receipt and proof of purchase, so yeah, anyone can claim it. Thieving gits. I'll let you know what the post office people say.

Vikki said...

I think two things are shocking: someone stealing your post, and the fact that the US Postal people thought that your 'First Class' stamp wasn't enough. In the UK they introduced 1st and 2nd class stamps that just say '1st' and '2nd' for that eventuality i.e. when the price goes up. They are valid for years so you could buy hundreds at a certain price then you'd be ok when they put the prices up. Do the US Postal service change the colour of the 'First Class' stamp so they know you paid less for it? Seems pointless and stupid to me.

Ian said...

Yeah, the always have different designs, so I guess that's how they know. I just figured that it said "First Class", so it's valid. Possibly my British-ness coming through there