Monday, August 20, 2007

The Dean Machine

Nikki and I did minimal Hurricane preparation this weekend. It's almost certain now that, barring an unprecedented turn north, Dean will make landfall a couple of hundred miles south of the border. Since it seems that weather systems steer many tropical storms into the same area, we decided to make sure we had everything we needed in case another one comes barreling through.

We still plan to shelter in place as long as we can and we made sure we had loads of torches and batteries, that the cars were full of petrol, that we had plenty of food and that we knew how to turn the gas supply for the house off. The grocery store was out of crates of water and I wasn't worried enough about Dean to pay the $18 the petrol station on the corner wanted. I will, however, remember that they tried that and should I ever need to go looting in future, they're first on my list.

My favourite resource for Hurricane information, the Houston Chronicle's SciGuy reckons we've got 5 or 6 more weeks to worry about and then we're in the clear for another year.


Jen said...

I'm glad ya'll are safe and sound so far. . . I'll keep praying it stays that way.

Now, for Mexico. . . . . I'm not sure what damage is being constructed down there? Forces of nature are amazing and scary.

Ian said...

Think it hit a relatively unpopulated bit, so it could have been worse.