Sunday, December 10, 2006

More snaps from Nigeria

I hope the driving school owners have a keen sense of irony and this is here so that they can demonstrate it to the rest of Lagos. I suspect however, that the truth is far scarier.

These giraffes were for sale at the Lekki market. They would look great in our living room, but I'm not sure they would fit in my suitcase. The market was a lot of fun. I enjoy the haggling, the guys at the market are good at it and I'm sure they make a lot of money every time they see someone like us. It took Vijay a little bit to get into the spirit, but once he figured out the exchange rate and realised he could have fun there was no stopping him. When he finally traded a tiny half full sample bottle of Armani cologne for a wooden elephant I knew it was time to get out of there.

That's right. Any questions?

More photos are here:

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Anonymous said...

I want one! I want one! A GIANT giraffes, that is! It would look lovely in the living room - MY living room!


Ian said...

Yeah, they're pretty cool looking. Definitely won't fit in the tiny bag I take to Nigeria though...sorry.

Nikki said...

that's what air mail is for. Just post it back, it might arrive before next christmas

Fi said...

Ships that pass in the night....well in the same house for just over a week. Yer bruv's on the move too. He's back in the UK for a course...if you'd timed it right he might have been one of the blurred cars going the other way on the M25!!!