Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bizarre Sighting

Have I mentioned that camera phones are crap? Well, at night, they're worse. Also, I'm at Lagos airport and the internet connection isn't great, so I shrank the photos even more. Which is all a long winded of way of saying you may have to take my word for it.

Last night me and the lads went, for a couple of beers, to the Eko Hotel in Lagos. It's a nice bar, the girls don't bother you, you're out by the pool and you can relax...except last night, Old School rap legend LL Cool J was in the h-iz-ouse.

That's him, in the white, sitting down, being entertained by some of Nigeria's favourite rap artists. I didn't catch their names as the fella with the mic was a bit excited. At one point I thought he introduced someone as MC Paul Hammers, which is a pretty good rap name, but he was white and in a suit and when I asked around he may well have been, event sponsor, Nigeria Breweries, M(anaging) D(irector) Paul Harmers.

A slightly closer, blurrier view of the man who calls himself Mr. Ladies Love Cool James. But do they?

While James was at the pool watching MC Paul Hammers, someone was off making friends...nice going LL Cool Vijay

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jroneill said...

LL Cool J?!? Legendary. His momma said to knock you out though, so be careful if he's still about.

Merry Christmas to you both btw, in case I don't get online between now and the 25th - most likely due to excessive beer consumption and sleeping.