Friday, November 3, 2006

The Return of the Queen

Nikki got back on Wednesday just before midnight. By midnight on Thursday:

The living room had been rearranged. The positioning of the sofas was less than optimal and so we swapped them.

The bedroom had gained a full length mirror with some shelves behind it that rotates through 360 degrees and a 5 foot tall 6 drawer dresser.

The kitchen...ah, the kitchen...the kitchen had everything removed from every cupboard it had previously been placed in. These were then either put in the same cupboard in a way that was somehow better than the way it had been before or moved to an entirely new cupboard in a way that made it more accessible. The kitchen table was removed, along with its' four chairs to join the bar stools in the garage. This was replaced with two counter stools.

I don't know whether these changes have had an instant impact or if the mere fact of having my wife home is what has done the trick, but the house I've lived in for the past month now feels like home.

I may even unpack some boxes this weekend.

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Nikki said...

And she's very glad to be home too. Even if the flour was next to the microwave and I couldn't even find my face wash.