Thursday, November 9, 2006

Camera Phones

It is possible that you have heard me ranting in the past about the utter uselessness of camera phones. Their quality is rubbish, the lens is always manky and they make your phone bigger than it needs to be. Well, whilst all this is still true, I now have one. My company provides me with a blackberry and the smallest one on the market is the Pearl which happens to have a built in camera. Useful or not? Let's decide. Here is a sampling of the pictures I have taken over the last few days with it.

In Ikea. We needed a cutlery holder thing for the drawer, but only realised they must keep them in the kitchen furniture section when we were in the cutlery section, which was miles past it. I went back and grabbed these, my preferred choice, but took photos of the other options as I knew I would not have final say in this decision.

Verdict: Useful.

Our back garden. A scary looking spider lives on the back of one of the wooden poles that holds the stuff that you burn to keep mosquitoes away. I haven't yet removed it, but I'm posting this picture here in case it bites me when I do and someone at the hospital asks "what kind of spider was it?"

Verdict: Useless.

The Blue Fish House. Nikki and I met Arnaud and Denise for Sushi on Saturday night. We tried this place as our previous favourite sushi restaurant is back in the old 'hood and therefore too far away. The BFH was good, but maybe not as good as Kaneyama. The search continues. This photo is now my home screen on my phone, replacing a different picture of Nikki that previously graced the screen.

Verdict: Gorgeous.

San Felipe, near the 610 loop. Many of Houston's janitors are on strike for higher pay and benefits. Last week they chained themselves in a circle on Westheimer and Post Oak, outside the Galleria, bringing traffic to a halt for hours. Today they protested a block away on San Felipe. They didn't block traffic this time, or at least not when I was driving past, as you can see by the way a car zoomed into view just as I took my picture. I wouldn't have minded if they did, since I would have got better pictures and we were right outside the California Pizza Kitchen after leaving the gym.

Verdict: Fight the power brothers. I'm with you. Well, across the road from you stuffing my face anyway.  Posted by Picasa


jen said...

At least it can be said that your blackberry/phone/camera can take pretty good pictures. It's okay the spidey pix didn't turn out as well - I HATE those things anyway and it would've given me nightmares. . . . .

I love The Blue Fish House! That was the first sushi place in H-town I visited outside of my local joint, Kyoto's.

Ian said...

Yeah, well, I wasn't getting any closer, so you'll have to live with the out of focus shot you've got.

Iain said...

No zoom on the Pearl then? I want a better picture of that spider to show the kids. There are a few camera phones out in the 3MP range these days and there's at least one with 5MP which I quite fancy (can't remember who makes it and can't afford it anyway) - that's as much as my camera (although probably not as good a lens, less zoom, and poorer light generally)

Ian said...

Nah, just digital zoom, which is fairly useless.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I won't be going to the blue fish house when I come to visit as I don't like fish