Sunday, October 15, 2006

Music Review: Dirty Paper Cup - Hafdis Huld

You're busy people. Protecting the free world from narcoleptic pirates and homicidal psycho jungle cats takes a lot of time, so you can be forgiven for not being as up to date on your Icelandic pop music as you should be.

I suggest you remedy this by immediately downloading Dirty Paper Cup by Hafdis Huld (or, you know, buying the album in a shop if such a thing as record shops still exist in your area). I like it even better than Johnny Cash's American V: A Hundred Highways, and you know how much I like Johnny Cash. It's an excellent light and fluffy pop record with occasional dark lyrics.

If, for some mad reason, you don't want to take my word for it you can go and visit Hafdis Huld's myspace page where you can listen to three of the tracks from the album, including the brilliant Tomoko, which when played on the Mark Radcliffe show instantly hooked me and a cover version of "Who Loves The Sun", with more ukelele than The Velvet Underground ever thought to use. Be warned, like all myspace pages you don't get asked politely if you'd like to play the songs, they're going to start as soon as they load, so if you're at work or something you might want to turn your volume down. Whilst at the site you can also check out the excellent video for Tomoko, which raises a couple of chuckles.


Jen said...

Johnny Cash is flippin' over in his grave . . . .

Ian said...

Johnny Cash would appreciate the subtle darkness of the lyrics even more than I would!