Wednesday, October 25, 2006

FTSO Update: I know what you're thinking...

You're thinking, 'hey, whatever happened to that whole FTSO thing?' You're saying to yourself "I bet he's stopped going to the gym and ballooned back up to the size of a cow."

Well, you're not exactly right smarty pants, but you're not entirely wrong either. I did take a couple of weeks off from the gym while moving house. There's a list of excuses: I had a lot to do, most of my lunchtimes were filled with running around signing stuff and meeting people and dropping things off and picking things up. Most of my evenings were filled with packing and moving and packing and stacking. But that's nonsense, because, you make the time and figure the rest of the stuff out around that. My diet wasn't exactly great during that time either, mostly from the drive-through, mostly crap. So it was something of a surprise when I unpacked the scales and discovered my weight was lower than it had been. I knew that was misleading though as I was clearly in worse shape than I had been.

So, last week I went back to the gym, twice, this week I've also been twice and will go again tomorrow, so I'm officially back in the routine, I feel better, the moving related flab is gone and I'm back to trying to shift the previous-12-years related flab. This week's score: 218.4, that's 3.2 pounds down from my last update!


Alex&Fi said...

Pretty impressive! Especially since neither of us EVER go to the gym these days! Cant' wait to see (less of) you at Christmas. At which point we hope not to blow all the hard work!! We'll bring our runners with us!

Ian said...

Yeah, you probably should bring your kit. Of course, it's easy enough to talk boldly about exercising through the holidays from the comfort of late October. We'll see how committed I am when I wake up hungover on Boxing Day.

Vikki said...

Well done with keeping the weight off. I bet you'll find it easier and easier.
We took our trainers with us on holiday to France and went for two runs. I think Xmas time is the only time I'd probably manage to run outside in Houston cos it's so hot!
What about your pool? How long is it? I'd be doing the lengths if I was you.
Yours jealously,

Ian said...

The pool isn't that long, probably 20 feet or so. It holds 13,500 gallons, that's all I know. It's actually beautiful in Houston today, we had a huge storm last night and the temperature is now perfect. October and November are my favourite times here.