Monday, October 9, 2006

I Hate To Move It, Move It

As Nikki hinted at in her previous entry we have bought a house. We closed on it on Monday and then Nikki had to leave for almost 4 weeks in Indonesia on Tuesday. It would have been great to move into our first house together, but it's not going to pay for itself so off she went, leaving me to decide where all the furniture and pictures go all by myself. There was also a huge tactical mistake on her part as we have less closet space in the master bedroom than we did at Old Farm. Having unpacked my clothes already I am in situ and will be harder to budge.

Saturday was moving day. I hate moving. I especially hated moving out of Old Farm. There are 3 stories and the bottom set of stairs has a really tight turn in it. Manouvering the groceries around it is difficult enough, so getting a sofa or a bed frame round there is a real pain. This is reason enough to bring in professionals and they made fairly short work of the whole thing. Having picked up all the furniture from Old Farm and the remaining stuff in storage we were all moved into Redstart Street just as Scotland were beating the team that just beat the team that just won the World Cup, making us, once again, the greatest football team in world.

I couldn't find any of our real cameras, so I snapped off a few shots with my camera phone. Despite what the pictures look like I was not drunk when I took them, I simply forgot that you have to keep your hand completely steady for about 6 hours per picture.

This is the kitchen area. The dark glass on the left is a wine cooler, currently well stocked, but I can always make room for more.

The fridge. We had to buy this on Monday night as no-one told us, and being fools, we didn't know, that when a listing says "Complete with all major appliances" the fridge isn't included. The water pressure to the fridge is not what it could be. I got it unblocked enough to make ice, but it will not share the water it uses to do so with the water dispenser.

This is the living room. There is a large glass sliding door to the left that leads into the back garden. The TV is playing BBC Radio 1 from 5 hours ago (so you get the breakfast show at breakfast time) through the wonders of Sirius Satellite Radio.

The tea making station is set up to the left of the sink for ease of kettle filling. Tea bags, tea pot and mugs are all within easy reach. Nearby is the collection point for bottles to be recycled. L-R are a nice bottle of Syrah I shared with Mustafa and Salimah on Saturday night, a bottle of champagne I shared with Nikki on Monday night, a bottle of Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA I had on Saturday afternoon whilst listening to Arnaud rant about how lucky Scotland were and a bottle of Belhaven Wee Heavy that Arnaud had whilst putting up with my chuckling. All Belhaven was provided by Nikki's boss as compensation for making me do the move on my own. Even though he gave me 12 bottles I still don't think it's a fair trade. And if that's not the most romantic declaration of love you've ever read I'll be very surprised. Posted by Picasa


Vikki said...

Woo hoooo We beat France!!!!

Oh, and all the best for your future in your new home. Is it the one with the pool? What's the exact address? You don't want to fall off our Xmas card list ;-)

Ian said...

Yes indeed, it is the one with the pool. I shall send the address by e-mail as I don't want to publish it to the entire world on my blog. That would be too many people for Nikki to send Christmas cards back to.