Friday, October 27, 2006

End of the tour

Tomorrow I leave the barge and start my journey home. I've been on the boat for 3 weeks and seen just a small section of Indonesia, but it has been varied, from open sea to narrow channels in the jungle. I saw one crocodile briefly but still no monkeys. Plenty of bugs though.

On my jouney home I get to take a small boat to Handil, then a bus from Handil to Balikpapan, then a plane to Singapore. After a couple of nights in Singapore, supposedly to do some work but really to stock up on Marks&Sparks chocolate biscuit selections and Ian's favourite noodles, I will take the long 15 hour flight back to the US, to my new house and to my husband.

I'd like to say I'll miss the barge but really I won't. Three weeks without beer and chocolate is a long time.

See the photos here


Ian said...

Excellent photos, but um, you set the river on fire? That's quite an achievement.

Oh and yes, Koka noodles are the greatest, especially Spicy Singapore Fried flavour.

Anonymous said...

No wonder you find the ferry to Sy such a breeze (pardon the pun there)it must seem like a luxury cruise liner compared to what you're used to :-) but well done enjoyed the pics.You'll be glad to get home to sort out your new house

Ian said...

Yes, she's started already...the entire kitchen has been rearranged.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Nikki I knew he'd be useless at arranging everything especially the kitchen,only a woman can do that
Have you worked out who I am yet?