Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally Christmasy

Having spent our first weekend back from our holidays avoiding the subject, Nikki and I finally got our decorations up this past weekend. One good thing about delaying was that all trees were 50% off. Our 7 foot Noble Fir cost $17. Woohoo!
Also reduced in price were plastic snowmen with lights that flash on and off. This certainly beats my idea of putting Santa hats on the light up skulls from Halloween.

I think tinsel may also have been reduced, judging by the amount we now have. Nikki, who, for a normally classy girl, has a suspicious fondness for the stuff, insisted on having one tacky room. At least we got the pink stuff up here so that Tim won't mistake it for edible vegetation. He's already been sniffing round the tree a lot.

We also took a spontaneous drive around the other night snapping shots of various displays for inspiration. I definitely need an inflatable santa and/or a 6 foot lit snowman next year...we'll go out again and have a fully charged camera next time., but here are a few we liked:


Fi said...

What no giant inflatable snowglobes anywhere this year?
The one's with the inflatable nativity are particularly adventurous!
Your bruv's comment not mine!

Ian said...

There were inflatable snow globes, but the camera ran out of batteries. We'll get more pics for sure.

Jen said...

Looks great! The husband and I love driving around looking at all the Christmas lights!

Side note: I emailed a company to do our outside Christmas lights. They never responded back. We have no outdoor lighting. Whatever. Maybe next year.

***The husband, on account of what he sees, will not let either of us up on a ladder to do the lighting ourselves - hence, trying to get someone else to do said dangerous job. We're nice like that.

Ian said...

So far, nothing outside our house above stretched out arm height. Though I did buy some icicles that I haven't got around to putting up on the roofline yet. Maybe next year...maybe this weekend. Don't worry, I'll wear a safety harness.

Chouch said...

Gees... we are even later than you guys. Good job!

Bruce Lenorf said...

Me, I will celebrate the orthodox Christmas, which comes on January 7. So no need for me to rush. By that time, i will find on eBay Christmassy stuffs at unbeatable price.
Are you going to tell Alasdair right away that Santa does not exist, or do you choose to be part of this worldwide conspiracy?

Ian said...

Loic: Can't you just chop down a tree from the park? Norway's got loads of them

Bruno: What do you mean 'Santa does not exist'?

shanksi said...

If Santa doesn't exist, who on earth drinks the whisky my children leave for him on Christmas Eve?

Vikki said...

Loving the tinsel! We need some more of that. Your tree was so cheap I'm jealous; ours was £30 and it's not as good as last years.
Love the neighbour's lights too. Not that many outdoor lights up here. I think people are concerned about their electricity bills.

rocdoc said...

Whisky? Damn, and I have been leaving milk and carrots the past few years. I really need to try that one this year!

Of course Santa exists. Even GM and Chrysler know that. Duh.

Ian said...

Yeah, in fact Santa might get left two whiskies in our house this year.

There do seem to be some houses here who haven't done outside lights either. Me, I'm just leaving things until mid-December from now on