Wednesday, September 19, 2007


The driver taking us back to the airport didn't speak much English, but he did laugh and say "Same, Same" as I repeatedly pointed my camera out the window at the empty desert. He looked around for something worth taking a picture of the entire drive and eventually gave up, pulled off to the side of the road, jumped out and stood behind a tree. Mus and Vincent in the back had no idea what he was doing, but I figured he was giving me a photo op so I jumped out of the car, camera clicking, in the hope that he wasn't going for a pee.

Finally satisfied that I'd got the shot I wanted, or resigned to the fact he was never going to get any privacy to take care of his bodily functions, he got back in the car and drove on. Mukhaizna airstrip, next left:

The departure lounge at Mukhaizna is a happening place. For once, Mus made it through security without incident:

All being well, I'm out of here tomorrow and back in Houston Friday. Can't wait:

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Jen said...

Great post! I'm still laughing! Glad Mus made it through for once. Now, you 2 both need to get home safe and sound.

Take care. Be safe.

Ian said...

Thanks. Mus has just left for Karachi for a week or so with his family, I'm on my way back to Houston in about 5 hours.

(Yes, bruv, I know, but he's got holidays to spare and I don't, okay?)

Alex&Fi said...


(Shanks, sorry if that's spelt wrong)