Tuesday, September 11, 2007

For Jen and Thomas

None of the rest of you will get this. Some of you will probably try to get it, but won't, unless you've played BioShock. The link is to a comic that is, at the best of times rude and that not only contains, in this particular instance, two sweary words, but, since you haven't played BioShock, it may seem even more offensive than it is, so don't click on this:

Funniest. Thing. Ever.

Now, I realise that's cruel. It's like a big red button that has no other explanation than a huge sign saying "Do Not Press". So, you've clicked on it, you've read it and you didn't get it. You may even be offended. You're probably annoyed at me for not warning you or something.

Anyway, passing off someone else's work, that I didn't even pay for, as a present is pretty cheap, but I don't think Jen and Thomas would have found it on their own, because they're not nerds like me, and today's their anniversary and it will make them laugh, so it's worth it. Happy Anniversary guys.

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Jen said...

Dear Ian,

That is HILARIOUS! I'm glad that most everyone is at lunch right now, 'cos I just belted out a big roar of laughter! At my desk. By myself.

That is a fantastic gift! I love it and will pass on to Thomas to catch your blog today.

Thanks for remembering us!

~The Human & The Monkey-child.