Friday, January 26, 2007

Where Am I?

Two clues. Some of you may need more and I will provide more pictures if I work up the courage to go back outside.

1) I'm surrounded by mountains.

2) It's flipping freezing.


3) It hasn't snowed since I got here, but there's loads of it on the ground.

4) I would have expected more churches.

Right, that's it. I'm going home tomorrow, so if you don't get it by then I'm going to ruin all your fun by telling you the answer.

Final Bonus Clue (no picture - sorry)

5) I knocked off work at 10:45pm, having spent another 5 minutes scraping ice off my car I quickly discovered that absolutely everywhere you could possibly get a bite to eat on a Friday night, including pubs, close by 11pm.


Alex said...


Are you in Austria? If you're in Austria you can go and visit your mother!

Ian said...

It's good, but it's not right.

Lizzie Stephenson said...


hey its the next day and you haven't told us.....?

Lizzie Stephenson said...

Salt Lake City?

or maybe....

Chicago? Does Chicago have mountains?

Ian said...

We have a winner!

Although we might need a steward's inquiry into whether you had inside help.

Lizzie Stephenson said...

you know the real clue was the picture with the remax thing on it. SLC's the only city i know that can't use road names and the people can only navigate by map coordinates eg 400N 2300 W. mind you burke says the same (but in reverse) about us.

and now i shall just bask in my glory :-)

Ian said...

That drives me nuts...I can never find anything in SLC. One time they put me in a hotel on 1st Street and I drove up and down 1st Avenue for ages trying to find it. Turns out 1st Avenue runs parallel to and is two blocks away from 1st Street. It's like some kind of sick joke they play on tourists.

Lizzie Stephenson said...

exactly!!! burke thinks its such a simple system - i have never managed to work out how you find your way around - but really its a ploy to get you there and keep you there. like the film labrynth. full of "mazes"