Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Safety First

It seems that making fun of people who know where you live is a dangerous game. So instead, I present a photo of 3 people I've never met before, shopping in Kroger, at 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoon, in their pajamas.

They did look as if they wouldn't have appreciated being snapped in this state, so the photo was taken from a long way away with a tiny cell phone camera from an angle that made it look like I wasn't taking a photo at all.

These were all sensible precautions, because, as I've mentioned these people were shopping in Kroger, at 3 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon, in their pajamas. It's likely they were in a bad mood and would not want to have posed for a picture.

I assume they had just been rudely awoken from a long, deep sleep by someone stealing all the food and clothes in their house, except for the pajamas they were wearing. Being too hungry to give chase at the time, they headed to Kroger to stock up on supplies before tracking down the heinous criminal.

Good luck ladies.
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jroneill said...

Wish i I could spend all day in my PJs. Got some nice ones off the wife for xmas. Cosy.

Incidentally, did I hear that there were, like, 3 flakes of snow recently and all of Texas shut down for the day?

Big southern Jessies!

I'm just sayin'....

Alex said...

I think you're unfairly judging those people, one man's pyjamas (pajamas/pyjamas?) is another man's ancient ceremonial traditional robing. It being Sunday, they might have been on the way home from their church/sacrifical altar.

Think before you label.

Ian said...

Aye, we had 2 icicles to go with the three flakes of snow though, so it's understandable that we had a state of emergency. To be fair, I don't think the city of Houston has any road salting capabilities and I know no-one around here knows what to do in icy conditions, so staying home is the safest way.

Ian said...

Ancient ceremonial tribal robing eh? So that was incense I was smelling then.