Thursday, January 4, 2007

New Year Photos?

Nikki and I decided to have a Hogmanay/House Warming party and invited a bunch of friends and our neighbours. A good time was had by all. There was good food, homebrewed beer, normal beer, loads of wine, spirits, men in kilts, drunk people in hot tubs, drunker people in swimming pools. Oh, how I wish Jen hadn't stolen our camera the day before.

Alex and Fi took photos, but despite the fact they never ever update their blog they wouldn't leave me any photos, in case I posted the good stuff before them. Sometime around the middle of 2008 they will get around to posting their pictures. If you think it looked like fun you can try and rearrange your schedule to be in Houston for New Year 08/09.

Anyway, Happy New Year to one and all. Hope you all have as good a 2007 as we had a 2006.


Anonymous said...

Aw I was really looking forward to seeing those photos too

Vikki said...

Happy new year!! 2006 was such a great year, we will have to try hard and make 2007 memorable too!
I was sober on Hogmanay cos Iain and I were marshalls at the fireballs. Check out our blog for photos.
Alex and Fi - get those photos to your bro!!

Jen said...

I plead the fifth . . . . and the fact that it was a VERY late night the night before, thus made me completely oblivious to the fact that I (or did I?) put your camera in my purse.

I will be sending it as soon as I can get out of my death bed. Seriously. It's packed and ready to go, but since my return to Ft. Worth, TX I've been laid out in bed - all week.

Alex& said...

If we hadn't been left tired and emotional every single night of our trip, we may well have been capable of remembering to leave you copies of our photos. We have just woken (we think) from 12 hours of sleep and if we can keep our eyes open long enough will burn a cd and post it to you.

Alex said...

Okay some photos are up here:

Sorry I didn't do it earlier but there were server problems. Will do a CD and send it when I get a chance.