Friday, December 4, 2009

The Great Blizzard of '09

It's been snowing for a few hours and will continue into the evening before melting away tomorrow. Here's the front of the house:
The pool is at 50f/10c, not recommended for swimming. Plantain trees with snow on their leaves is just wrong:
At least I don't need to mow the lawn this weekend:
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hotrocdoc said...

Oh yeah, that looks really bad!

Anonymous said...

Be a while before you get enough to build a snowman from that,unless you go round the whole of the block :-)Mam

Ian said...

I'll tell you Eddie, that's as bad as Moscow and Salt Lake City combined.

I did manage to chuck three snowballs Mum, so I could have probably built a very tiny one.

Bruce Lenorf said...

Wow! Be careful when driving. You could end up in a snowbank. Take a bucket of sand with you in case that happens. And don't forget your tow rope and your survival blanket. And pour hot water on your back wheels to defrost your handbrake. (Any more siberian tip?)

Ian said...

Thanks Bruno, that should be enough to get us through. We formed an ice hockey team too, but disbanded after losing our first game to the synchronised swimmers.