Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hermann Park

Hermann Park is an 8 mile bike ride from our house. Apart from a short stretch that is being rebuilt near the park, the Brays Bayou trail takes us all the way there without having to get on roads, so it was perfect for Alasdair's trailer. Alasdair doesn't mind the trailer, though he's not keen on his crash helmet and keeps trying to pull it off. Still, he managed to sleep most of the way there, ehich gave him plenty of energy for charging around the play park.

He started in the area aimed at kids 2-5, had a lot of fun climbing and sliding:

Then he went wandering off, looking for trouble:
And found the area aimed at kids younger than 2:
He pretty much had it to himself, so he flung himself around for ages:
Thoroughly worn out, he enjoyed a well earned cheeseburger slider at Little Bigs:

Then managed to somehow lie himself down in the trailer and slept all the way home.


Anonymous said...

Just like his dad,as long as there's food at the end of it he's quite happy,lost my password again so have to go anon :-)

Alex said...

What a clever boy and so smiley, looking forward to seeing y'all very soon.