Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Hope you all had a good one. Nikki and I hosted a Hogmanay party for friends and neighbours. Being busy hosting, we managed to take about 4 photos all night. Here's me with Ches up the road, shortly after the single malts came out around 11.
And here's some of the evidence of the evening. Mothers, please note the large amount of water bottles and fizzy water cans.
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Anonymous said...

Mother knows you too well!!!glad you survibed it

Vikki said...

You need the fizzy drinks as mixers. I survived it by not mixing my drinks I think, and taking two hours off the booze when we went to the fireballs. How late did you stay up?

Jen said...

I survived even with "blended" malts!

Love the 2009 eye wear - they suit you. However, this time around you can't blame me, b/c I didn't show up and I'm sure you were more than past a "normal-state-of-mind" at one point in the evening. Not my fault. Not my fault.

Chouch said...

Happy new year! I see it was celebrated like it should ;-)

Fi said...

Looks like it was a good night..what we can see of it. Did it degenerate into the hot-tub this year or are you too grown up and parenty for that nonsense now?

Ian said...

Mum: Well, it was worth a try.

Vikki: Not too late, pretty sure I was in bed by 2 o'clock.

Jen: I'll find a way to hang this on you. Don't worry.

Loic: Of course, though I hear whisky tastes better when you're drinking it at 21 degC in sunny Tenerife.

Fi: No, lesson learned on that tubs give you hangovers. Bad ones.