Friday, July 6, 2007

My New Hero

"See this animal poo, see what's in it, bit of seed, lots of hair, even a bit of bone. These tapered ends tell me this is more than likely a coyote poo."

Bear Grylls. Host of Man vs Wild on the Discovery Channel and a man who knows a little too much about poo. Realising he had found coyote poo, he knew there must be a way down from the top of the bit of Copper Canyon he was on, because coyotes couldn't live at that altitude.

He got down to the bottom and then treated himself to a delicious meal of still alive scorpion, which apparently tastes like cheese that's been left out for 3 weeks, only worse. He cut the stinger off first, obviously.

Then he got excited about finding a wee bit of wire, which seemed a bit much until he rubbed it in his hair then stuck it on a leaf in a bit of water to find out which way was North. "Keep the wire, get rid of the leaf, drink the water..."

Exactly what I was thinking Bear.


Iain Shanks (shanksi) said...

Bear Grylls had a series on TV over here recently where he got dumped somewhere with just a wee pack (and presumably a film crew) and had to survive long enough to find his way back to civilisation. Great family viewing and he didn't spend much time talking about poo thankfully. Apparently Vikki's friend Liz has a crush on him.

Ian said...

I think it's the same show. I've only seen 4 episodes, so maybe I was particularly unlucky and the coyote poo, bear poo and elephant poo (really, how thirsty would you have to be Bear?) are the only ones featured ever.

alex said...

"See this here, this is quicksand, fall in this and you're dead!"

"I am now going to fall in this to show you how to get out(!)"


"Urghh, Ooh, Aah, Mmmh there you go (triumphant)"

(For the remainder of the show) "Phew this stuff stinks/rubs/is heavy/is rotting my clothes"


Ian said...

That was the same episode he peed on his t-shirt and tied it round his head for the rest of the show!