Saturday, October 31, 2009

Look Out Michael Phelps

For the last 6 weeks Alasdair has been taking survival swimming lessons every day with Infant Swim Resource. Thursday was the last big test...floating in clothes and shoes.

He has cried for every lesson but mostly because he can't see what's going on while floating on his back and he likes to be nosy.

So here's a video of the result of getting up every morning for the last 6 weeks to take him to his 7am lesson. With the pool in the back garden this gives us another layer of safety, on top of the fence, alarmed doors, etc.

The training is one child at a time, for a 10 minute lesson, 5 days a week and the transformation has been amazing. Many thanks to the poor old ladies at the JCC who had their morning swim disrupted by Alasdair and 11 other screaming children. The peace of mind is worth it.


Chouch said...

Amazing Alasdair! Such a good idea this class.

Lizzie Stephenson said...

that's amazing

Anonymous said...

Stunning and all without a Polly Otter suit! I am well impressed and looking forward to being saved one day.


Fi said...

How come you didn't just keep the original soundtrack? Looks like it would have been interesting. What a clever lad.


Ian said...

Trust me, you didn't want the original soundtrack.